Review of new slot machines from the company Betsoft

In the last couple of years, Betsoft has become one of the leaders in the production of innovative slot machines. Any Betsoft slot machine is produced complete with amazing graphics and exciting themes, and they often have great bonus rounds.

With such a large selection of slot machines from Betsoft, which ones are the best for you? We've taken a look at Betsoft's new games over the past few months, and we present just a few of our favorites. You can check them out at the Australian online casino guide.

Angels Slots. We are absolutely in love with the biker gang featured in Angels slots, one of the most popular games at Betsoft Casino. There's nothing cooler than a group of tough guys (and gals) on motorcycles, and this game perfectly represents the look of biker culture. The game has matching symbols that not only represent the bikers themselves, but also the games and other themed icons. In the bonus rounds you get to predict the results of the biker race. Overall, this is an incredibly fun game to try and play, even if you've never been on a motorcycle.

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Fighter. Who would believe that you could make an interesting arcade game out of one of the most thankless and disgusting jobs? But that's exactly what was done when Betsoft released Slayer, a 3D slot that tells the adventures of a pest control specialist who tries to get rid of them, including a very hard to track down raccoon. There are many special features, including a bonus game in which you'll have to find a raccoon hiding place in order to chase it away from the house. But the most exciting part of the game is the bonus, which allows players a chance at multiple winning combinations in a single spin. Each time a winning combination comes up, these positions are fixed in place and immediately trigger a re-spin for the other symbols. This continues until a winning combination is obtained. If you play slot machines, you will have a chance to get pretty rich.

He came from Venus. Everyone has seen old science fiction movies at some point, and these movies are the inspiration for one of Betsoft's latest slot machines. It's the story of a farmer and the crazy alien plants that proliferate in the field. The game also includes all the classic sci-fi elements you'd expect, including an aggressive military officer who needs nothing more than to infiltrate a mysterious plant. In fact, in one of the game's key bonus rounds, you'll play the role of a farmer trying to fight the factory back from the military. You'll also have a chance to take advantage of various other features, including free spins, which give you a chance to multiply any winning combination by a factor of 10.


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