Hilord mainly works closely with OEMs for research and development of new products and innovative technology. Hilord has a reputation of making current equipment multi-functional for new applications. We believe that this is very important considering present market conditions. Hilord’s philosophy is that we listen, we pay attention and we perform with integrity.

Hilord Chemical Corporation’s catalogue of products include a full portfolio of water, solvent, dye sub and UV inks. If you are a printer manufacturer, whatever your machine, whatever your medium Hilord can custom design any inks that outlast and out perform any competitor.

Hilord begins its process at the molecular level. Our R&D allows us to guarantee our products. Quality control and testing are equal factors in product development. Hilord Chemical’s dedication to service includes quality assurance, training, troubleshooting and personalized customer service. We are the people behind color and understand the needs of digital printing. Our earth friendly manufacturing process and materials make our GEO INKS Earth friendly.

If you are a distributor, please contact us with your needs.

If you are a printer-
please send us an email or contact your local distributor for our products.

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Hilord’s Approved Media

Hilord is a chemical corporation. We do not buy materials and mix them and claim to make color.Hilord Chemical Corporation begins its process at the molecular level. Color is created with chemistry, strict batch to batch control and superior quality control. Hilord begins it’s testing at step one. We are unique in this.Our solvent inks have superior light stability, last longer outdoors, print on more medias and are safer true solvents. Hilord’s solvent inks do not contain cyclohexenone. We develop and recommend components that best match our system and your machines.

These products are the result of extensive ink research and development that included testing for compatibility with printer components. They produce exceptional color quality and offer excellent ink yield and printer reliability when correctly used in imaging applications in the printer using the recommended media. Hilord inks are guaranteed to be stable and useable products for up to one year from the date of manufacture with proper use and normal storage conditions, and can be used with absolute confidence as a replacement for the ink originally supplied by the printer manufacturer. Hilord warranties that our inks will not damage the print head.

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