Secrets of East Makeup

For many people, the beauty of the Eastern woman is a benchmark. And the special secret of the beauty of women of the East lies in their mysterious and mysterious look. With the help of Eastern Arabic makeup, beauties easily manage to give her eyes a shine, expressiveness and extraordinary attractiveness for men.

East East Makeup

East makeup focuses on eyes. It is believed that the attention of men should attract exactly. To highlight the main advantage of a woman, use pale lipstick, which should be the brighter of the natural color of the lips, and the shadow on the contrary to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

Fulfilling Eastern Arabic makeup, you should achieve a burning, bright and even creanty look, but at the same time leave some kind of ambiguity and non-respond. In this case, the main task is to achieve a large contrast using pearl and black paints.

The eye makeup begins in oriental style with the iscine-black eye stroke. Only such a stroke gives clear contours and special expressiveness of the eyes. Brilliant, pearl shadows are most suitable for such a makeup, but matte can be used. What shadows it is better to use - depends on the color of your eyes.

Extend eyebrows

Considerable attention in Arabic makeup is paid to eyebrows - they play great importance in the formation of the view. Eyebrows should clearly outline, highlight the contour, and if necessary, lengthen at the end or try as close as possible to the nose.

We select blush for oriental makeup

Following the standards and rules of the Arab makeup are used in hatch blush colors of the tan. Before applying a blush, the face is processed with a tonal cream and powder. Then the entire surface of the upper eyelid is thickly covered with shadows. Shadows are applied along the entire length and under the bottom eyelashes.

Be sure to make eyeliner. To the lines were clearer, and the eyes would get a almond shape, you should use a liquid eyeliner and draw the upper and lower arrows. Eye makeup ends in the oriental style of eyelashes processing. Apply a few layers of carcasses to give a special puff and thickness to the top of the eyelashes. The lower eyelid is processed only by one breakfast pass.

Perfume and manicure - addition to Eastern Makeup

What woman will cost without fragrance and decorated marigolds? In addition to the Eastern Arab Makeup, sweet and heading perfumes are provided and thrust manicure. It will not be superfluous to apply a tattoo from henna. Having finished makeup in oriental style and putting the evening dress, be sure - you will shine at any solemn event! Главное событие для начинающего беттера – пополнение счета в первый раз, после чего уже можно начинать заключать mosbet Перед тем как вывести деньги, сначала нужно выполнить отыгрыш.


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